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Olovieh Salad

_6 Servings

250 gr Green peas, 250 gr chicken breast, 4 eggs, 3 large potatoes, 1 tbsp lime juice, 6 tbsp mayonnaise, desired amount of salt and pepper. First, cook the chicken and boil the potatoes, eggs, and green peas separately. Leave them to get cold enough to touch. Second, pare off the potatoes and eggs, and then grate them in a large bowl. Then chop the chicken into small pieces; add the green peas, mayonnaise and desired amount of salt, pepper and lime juice, then mix everything together. Finally, the food must be held in fridge to cool down, so it could be served cold. In addition, you can design the salad with tomato slices, vegetables such as carrots.

Enjoy your food.

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