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Loobia Polo (Persian Food Plate)

_ For 4 Persons
First Prepare 300gr Cut Green Beans, 200gr Peices of Meat, 1 Onion Chopped & Fried, 100gr Chopped Carrot.Mix them all together and saute them nough , then add enough amount of Tomato Paste with desired amount of Salt & Pepper & Turmeric and let it to saute more. Then add 1 cup of water and let the Mixture to be cooked. Prepare 400gr Basmati Rice and boil the rice and rinse it from strainer. Next, add the cooked mixture to the rice cover it and let it to steam in a pot. (put some oil inside the pot before using it).
After the food is cooked, if you like, you can add some cumin to the side of the rice and let it steams for a while. You can also add some Saffron water with Cinnamon powder at the end.

Enjoy your food.

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