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Chow Mein

First, put 250gr of Frozen Shiraz Mixed vegetables in a boiling water.Then saute 200gr pieces of beef in a fry pan until it will be cooked. After the vegetable is ready (depends on how much you like it to be cooked),add the mixed vegetable to the beef in the fry pan. Add 3 tbsp Soy Sauce,1 tbsp Chili Sauce and 1-2tbsp Teriyaki Sauce and desired amount of salt and pepper and saute the mixture few more minutes. While you are making the mixture put desired amount of Chow Mein Chinese Noodle in boiling water until it gets soft and then put it in a fry pan and add some oil and saute the noodle and after the noodle is ready you can add the mixture to the noodle.

Enjoy your food.

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