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Penne Alla Primavera

Put 250 gr frozen Shiraz California mixed in a boiling water. After the vegetable is ready (depends on how much you like it to be cooked),saute the mixed vegetable with 1/2 tbsp garlic and 80 gr butter in a fry pan. Add tomato(pasta)sauce to the mixture with desired amount of salt and pepper and saute them more for about 1 minute on a medium heat. Put 250 gr to 300 gr Penne in a boiling water while you are making the mixture for about 10 to 15 minutes until the penne is soft enough to serve. Pour the Penne in a plate and add the mixture to it. you can also add some Parmesan Cheese to your food.

Enjoy your food.

CategoriesCooking Instruction

Shevid Baghala Polo (Persian food)

_4 servings

500 gr Basmati rice

400 gr Peeled Broad Beans

4 tbsp Dill 75 gr vegetable oil

First, boil the rice in a pot with enough salt and oil and strain the rice from strainer. Then add chopped fried dill and Shiraz Peeled Broad Beans and mix them with rice. Put the mixture for a few more minutes on the medium heat and let it to steam until the food is ready to serve. You can also have your food with chicken or Lamb Shank. Enjoy your food.